Saturday, April 5, 2014


Moving... Its part of military life. We've been blessed to have stress free and easy moves up until this point. In October we found out we were moving to Hawaii! We were and still are so excited, but as time ticked down we started to realize that this would be our most difficult move to date. We had everything set up to leave except our flights and the Navy changed our dates... Luckily it was only pushed back two weeks. The dog had gotten and passed all his required blood work and shots and as of April 1st was allowed to enter the state. I should probably throw this in here before I get too lost in all of this, but Hawaii is a rabies free state. That means the dog had to have a special blood test to check the amount of rabies antigens (or something like that) in his blood. If animals don't meet the required levels they can't enter the state.. And you have to get this done at least 120 days before you plan to enter Hawaii.Earlier this week we sent in the Dog/Cat import forms along with the cashiers check to state so we don't have to worry about paying when we pick him up in Honolulu. 

   A1 has done most of the paperwork for this move, as always. He set up our unaccompanied goods shipment that we sent in February. The few things we did send are items we are going to need in the hotel but aren't able to fly with. We ended up sending mostly stuff for A2, her bike, some toys and games, clothes that don't fit her yet but should by the time we get there. Things like that... 


Yesterday was the day that made this move real to us. Shipping my SUV. We may not be moving until the beginning of May but neither one of us wanted to rent a car in Honolulu. We are lucky enough to have two cars so we don't have to rent a car for a month here either. Our plan had been to head down to the VPC after rush hour was over since we were told this process could take awhile. Our day did not go as planned. A2 woke us up at 2am with the stomach bug that has been going around. We ended up spending in the morning in the ER, and as soon as she was discharged off we were to the VPC. I wish I could show you the form where they marked down every dent, scratch, and mark on my car. I don't think there was any more room to write anything, and my car is in pretty good shape. Its only 4 years old. This is the only photo I could get of the process. They didn't allow photography inside.

Today we found out that our unaccompanied goods shipment arrived in Hawaii and will be in storage until July if we don't get it sooner. The movers will be here sometime next week to do the estimate! Our next big thing is to book our flights and the dogs flight over. I will be spending this week getting our PCS binder in order now that we have a new working printer. I had told myself that I would be super organized this time around and I'm running out of time!