Friday, June 20, 2014

First Impression Friday

 Almay smart shade perfect and correct primer 
Almay smart shade primer
I purchased mine at target but I have seen them at most drugstores and Ulta.
The first thing I noticed was the swirly colors suspended in a clear gel. Attention span of a 5 year old, I know. 

The website says:
" Multi-tasking face primer intuitively adjusts to smooth and soften skin while correcting skin's most common problems with visible color correcting strands. green ribbons neutralize redness, while swirls of lavender pigments even out and brighten skin tone. imperfections are diffused and skin is up to 265% more hydrated. this lightweight, non-oily formula works for all skin types but is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. wear it alone for a flawless finish or underneath foundation for the first step to perfected skin."

So I thought awesome! 
I have a huge issue with redness on my face and nothing seems to help it. I ripped open the package in the car ( while A1 looked at me like I belonged in the crazy house) and pump out some on the back of my hand. It was almost instant, the smell. Nasty fish and garbage all rolled into a pretty colored package. I held my breath and slathered it on my red spots thinking once it dries the smell will disappear. 
Oh I was WRONG, very wrong indeed! 
I ended up taking a baby wipe to my face not even five minutes later because none of us could handle the smell. Even the dog runs from it. 

It takes a while to soak in and dry but leaves a smooth service behind. And that's all it does. I have tried this many times and it does nothing for the redness. Not even a tiny bit. Doesn't help my makeup stay on longer or colors look more pigmented. Total waste of money in my opinion.

What products have you tried to combat redness?
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